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Monday, May 2, 2011

Amy, Chasuble and Harding arrive at the rec center, looking anxious.
Chasuble: “Will the interment take place here?” (Wilde, 27)
Amy: Well, she “keeps tottering forward, mimicking life, but without much warmth, or soul, or even a pulse” (Currie, 200)
Harding: “You haven’t had the pleasure [of taking an AP Test]. Pity. An experience no human should be without” (Kesey, 188)
Chasuble: “But have you any grave doubts on the subject?” (Wilde, 27)
Harding: “It’s cheap, quick, entirely painless. It simply induces a seizure” (Kesey, 189)
Amy: “She’ll be trapped with herself. I’m hoping it will destroy her” (Currie, 92)
Harding: Hey! She “is a veritable angel of mercy and why just everyone knows that” (Kesey, 61)
Chasuble: “I am on my way to join her” because she looks like she needs me to give her all the answers (Wilde, 50). Join me, will you?
Amy: “There’s something exciting about the risk of it” (Currie, 203)
Chasuble: “You were always the most generous and forgiving” (Wilde, 26)

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  1. This conversation flows nicely and it seems natural, instead of choppy and awkward. I also like your choice of characters and my favorite part is when you describe the AP tests as "simply inducing a seizure". Very funny, good work!